Meeting in Lithuania

Spanish team. Diary of our trip to Moletai- Lithuania. (Sunday 11-Thursday 15. May 2014)

Sunday, May 11.
We left Vera at 2am. The bus took us to Alicante airport, where we caught the plane to Lithuania. The fight took more than 3 hours, and we could sleep a little bit.
We got to Kaunas at 11.30, and a very nice man was waiting for us at the airport. He took us to Moletai in his car.
Then, we arrived at the school and our host-family came and they took us home.
This was a special day for me because it was my first flight and the family was very nice.
I liked them!
Jose Miguel

Monday, May 12.
On Monday we went to school at 8:00. First we watched the School Assembly and then we introduced ourselves in Lithuanian language: “Mano vardas Rosa”. After that, we visited some classes and then we watched an artistic show which included acting, singing and dancing from the Lithuanian students. It was great! Some of them looked like professionals!
Then we ate in the dining hall and we went back home until 3.30, when the school bus took us to an Etnocosmological Museum. It was really interesting to listen to the guide talking about planets and stars and the universe. The building looked like a flying saucer, and we climbed about 200 steps to reach the top, where the view was fantastic. It was a pity that it was cloudy and rainy, but we could still take some beautiful pictures.
Finally, we returned to school and then to our homes, where we had some dinner, played with our Lithuanian friends, and then went to bed.

Tuesday, May 13.

Tuesday was our third day in Lithuania. This day we woke up as another day, we had breakfast in our houses and then we went to the school. At 08.30AM we began to do the activities. The first activity was to present the work that we had made in each of our countries. Later, we planted some of the seeds from our country and in our case we planted “Alcaparra”, a typical plant from the south-east of Spain. We planted the seeds inside a boot and then we stapled the flag of Spain.
While the teachers went to the town hall to meet the Mayor of Moletai, we went to the sports center and there we played football and watched a handball match. Then we went to our homes to have lunch.
In the afternoon, we went to the village homestead. There, we listened to traditional Lithuanian music, we made clay figures and candles. Then we visited a pagan place where there was a millenary oak tree and we also had dinner with our colleagues and with some of our friends we met there.
Later, we went back to our homes and we could go shopping with our families or anything else. Then we went to sleep. This day was fantastic!
María José.

Wednesday, May 14. Trakai, Vilnius.
On Wednesday we got up at seven, and we got ready to go to school. Then we went by bus to a very beautiful village called Trakai. First we visited part of the village, and then we went to a chocolate shop where we learnt how to make chocolates. The man asked questions and gave prizes to the students (and teachers) who answered correctly. My friend Rosa won a box of chocolates. They were delicious!
After that we went for a walk by the lake and we took some pictures of the beautiful castle. There were lots of shops, and we bought souvenirs for our friends and family. Then we had some traditional food called kybynae with our teachers, and we laughed a lot with their jokes.
In the afternoon we travelled to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. First we went on a sightseeing tour with a multilingual audio-guide. Then we went for a walk along the river and took some pictures.

Finally, we returned home. This was a very exciting day for me because I saw beautiful landscapes and I met many new friends. It was incredible!



Thursday 15. Our last day in Lithuania.
First, in the morning we went to school and we made ladybirds with wool.
Then we went by bus to Anyksciai Regional Park to make traditional bread and we and we had a very nice meal in a traditional Lithuanian country house.
Next we visited a horse museum, and some of the students rode on a horse.
When we finished these activities we went by bus to a different village, and we did “summer bobsleighing”, which is similar to a roller coaster.
Finally we went to the airport by car. Our plane was delayed, so we arrived in Alicante at midnight. Then we took a bus, and we finally got to Vera at 3.00 a.m. We were very tired, but we had a great time in Lithuania.

Thank you very much to Rita, to our host families, and to our teachers Carlos and Juan Antonio for giving us the opportunity of travelling to this beautiful country.
We will never forget this wonderful experience!!


We are planting seeds or small flowers.
We are improving our skills.
Measuring the old oak.
Polish team.
We are working at school.
We are playing together.
We are having fun!


  1. We are glad you enjoyed it. We will also keep this meeting in our memory. Thank you, Rita, and thanks to everybody who made it possible.
    Carlos & Juan Antonio.

    1. So nice to read your memories from Lithuania. And the pictures are just amazing! Hope you had a wonderfull time here and could tell to everyone that somwhere is a wonderful country- Lithuania!

  2. Unforgettable experience in Lithuania: incredible landscapes, kind people and a marvellous guide and coordinator!!!! We are so proud of being part of this great team!!!