Monday, April 27, 2015

Meeting in Hungary (19th-24th April)

We arrived in Budapest in the afternoon.
We saw the city and took some photos. We had dinner and we ate a "flower ice cream" near St. Stephen’s Church (the Cathedral)
We went to the hotel and slept.

On Sunday we got up early and we visited the city. It was wonderful and we enjoyed it a lot.

Then we caught a bus to Gyula.
When we arrived in Gyula we met our host family and we went to a festival.

On Monday we went to the school and showed our powerpoint presentation about our school and our country and we saw some performances (dancing, singing, acting, karate exhibition..)
We were able to plant a tree and flowers. Then we went home and had dinner. After that we went to play and dance at the youth club.

We went to the town hall in the morning. After that, we went to the school and ate our lunch. We couldn't wait to go to the spa. When we finished our lunch, we walked to the spa. We had a very good time at the spa. It has been our favourite activity.
We had dinner at a pizzeria.

In the morning, we went to Opusztaszer. Over there, we saw a very big painting representing the birth of the Hungarian nation. We also visited a typical village where we learnt about some traditional jobs. We had our lunch in a restaurant nearby.
In the afternoon, we went to Szeged. We went shopping with our hosts (Laci and Natti) and a friend of Laci. After shopping we bought an ice-cream and then we went home.

We had the entire morning free, so we went to buy souvenirs. We walked the whole town visiting shops with our hosts and then we had lunch in an excellent Gyula burger. When we finished our lunch we went to the Gyula castle. We dressed like medieval Christians and Muslims and we had a tour all over the castle. When we finished our tour we made a handcraft of a customized ancient book.

At night we went to the school for the farewell party. First, we shot arrows with a bow and after dinner we danced some traditional Hungarian music. We were also given our certificates by the Hungarian teachers, and the Turkish teachers gave us some presents. Finally, we had our goodbye party with loud music and even a dj!

We woke up very early to catch the bus to Budapest. We were very sad because we had to say goodbye to our Hungarian friends.
It has been a fantastic week and we have had a great time in Gyula. We want to thank everybody who made this meeting possible, especially our teachers, the Hungarian teachers, and most of all, our host families, who have made us feel like at home.

Laci, Natti, we will never forget you. If you come to Spain, don’t forget to visit us in Vera. Our home is your home!
Clara, Carlos and Luis

After meeting in Gyula we organised a Hungarian Day in Primary School in Lubsza.
We preapred a presentation about the country, school and the interesting activities.
 We have lots of fantastic memories and new ideas.We love your country!
  Brygida, Lucyna, Joanna and Weronika.

Meeting in Gyula.  

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