Project Meetings

                In the meetings, we will have the opportunity of discovering new cultures, new people, new places, etc. And we will develope awareness of different languages and culture in Europe . For some of us, the development of linguistic skills is a big part of the project. It can help us to increase our capacity in environment-related words except for daily language. A certain number of teachers, pupils, parents, other people will use many different words when they practise and accomplish the activities on environmental education throughout the meetings. All of us will spend part of the time outdoors as we believe the best way to learn about nature is in its natural setting. So, we will be experienced as well with taking responsibility for our own environmental problems which will contribute to our ability to learn and self-develop scientific studies all life long. 

               S.T.E.P project will motivate children when they see what children in other countries are doing especially if they find some similarities. Also, All people involved will see how ‘we are all in it together’ when it comes to protecting the environment, that each country/locality need to preserve their own heritage. 




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