What is S.T.E.P.

Save The Earth Please

Our lifelong learning project is about taking attention to nature consciousness and endemic plants under the risk of extinction. Clearly, today's generations will have the chance to live, if they gain awareness about the necessity of protecting their own environment. So, each partner will share his/her knowledge about endemic plants in order to create a library of plants by saving different types of plants from other partner countries. Our students and parents will be aware of the problems in our environment, differences of plants, importance of global warming, and cultures. So, they will be much more careful to their environment since they are in useful activities during the project.

Since endemic plants have a generally restricted distribution, threats to endemics carry more risk of extinction than for broadly distributed species. We all wish all of our participants understand that humans are only part of Nature and have no right to ill-treat or destroy their surroundings nor the creatures inhabiting it, but quite the opposite have to protect it to guarantee the development of their own life. S.T.E.P "Save The Earth Please" project will promote a deeper understanding and respect for the land thanks to knowing, learning and growing endemic plants.

Throughout the world, many animal and plant populations are declining at unusually high rates. The threat of massive extinction is a sign that our environment has been seriously degraded. So, each school involved in this partnership will provide activities of tree plantation and greening, will organize trips with the purpose of identifying the areas destroyed by human ignorance and first National Botanic Garden in Ankara, characteristic habitats, national parks, nature parks and natural monuments. Different exhibitions and contests will be organized based on environment protection, which will be also a mean of non-formal learning. The partner schools will learn of each other’s flora, compare the different environments and see how important plants are for bio-diversity. The children will record/share this information with other pupils in various ways, through drawings, photos, plants or seeds collections. Each school will offer as an example of a clean and a healthy environment having the motto in mind: “Act locally, think globally”.

We will determine our pupils to actively involve in exercising their skills of environmental citizenship, to become eco-friendly consumers and to promote similar behavior in their family and community. If we act late to restore the ecological balance, it would be too late tomorrow. We, as teachers, believe that we should stimulate the students to environmental awareness for they are the ones to protect the environment in the future. 

                                         Our Aims

  • To create awareness as regards plant wealth, endemic plants and to arouse interest among masses about biodiversity conservation.
  • To  give our pupils opportunity to be actively involved in exercising their skills of environmental citizenship through planting trees and bike riding, designing and delivering leaflets which promote eco-friendly behavior.
  • To provide students present solutions to the environmental problems developing pupil’s skills in science.
  • To update pupil’s knowledge about preserving  natural resources, usage of land and water and to make children sensitive individuals to the environment by replacing bad habits with good ones.
  • To promote international cooperation and communication between pupils, parents and teachers in different European countries.
  • To create a multicultural experience for the pupils.
  • To develop teamwork abilities